Colorful Colorado Fall 2024

Please join us this fall for an opportunity to experience what many would agree is one of the most beautiful exhibits of fall foliage in the world. The San Juan mountains are covered with color everywhere you look. From the snow covered peaks, blue skys with fluffy white clouds to the aspens in  all their glory, Southwest Colorado is a photographers dream. This is a backroads journey that will put you in the most prominent places to capture unbelievable vistas, water falls in unforgettable light. The workshop will be lead by Tony Small, award winning, landscape photographer and owner of Tony Small Originals who has explored the area for years. His commitment to personalize this experience for those just beginning to seasoned professionals is focused to ensure you get the most from your equipment and enhance your skills and vision as a photographer. Reserve your spot for this unforgettable experience today! To reserve your spot today or get additional information call 317-709-0298.


Colorado Amazing Fall Color Photography Workshop 


Best of the Rockies and San Juan Mountains from Aspen to Telluride

The workshop will start before you ever leave home with pre-work exercises designed to ensure you are ready for your adventure. Once you arrive we will begin the workshop with an evening dinner and personal instruction covering the entire workshop. We will then prepare for the next morning for our travels by vehicle across the backroads of Colorado. One-on-one instruction and critique will be offered to all participants both in the field and in post processing of your images. Areas of instruction will include what you need for equipment, how to set up your camera and equipment, composition and understanding light and how to use it to your advantage. Tony will also show you some unique tips to ensure you are capturing the best possible image in situations where you have dark areas and really bright lit areas increasing the use of your equipment when otherwise the shot would be imposable. We ask each participant to bring along a few images to share with participants so we can see what you enjoy shooting and offer suggestions to continue to grow your skills. The workshop experience will be packed with fun times, new friendships and new skills to take your photography to another level. This is the time to invest in your ability rather than another piece of equipment. The take home benefits from this workshop will be your new developed skills, memories forever etched in your mind and that great image you can put in your home or office everyone will ask you about.  Want to see Tony's work? 


Key Workshop Information

Workshop Dates

Come in on September 28- Hotel in the Aspen area

Actual Workshop dates September 28 - October 1, 2024

Return home on October 2 

Traveling to the workshop

If you do not drive you should plan to fly into Grand Junction or Aspen, renting a car and driving in. You may save some on your flight by flying into Denver and driving but it is 4 hours (219 miles) apposed to 2 hours (125 miles) to Grand Junction. Return trip back to airport from final workshop location in Ridgeway, CO (94 miles to Grand Junction and 346 to Denver). We will be glad to assist in coordinating rides from the airports and during the workshop if possible. (Teamwork on travel will help everyone.)

Workshop transportation

When renting a car it is recommended to get an all wheel drive or 4x4 vehicle or SUV. Something with a lift back or back hatch is always handy for quick access to photo equipment. While we will not be traveling on any roads with high clearance or perceived dangerous we will be on dirt roads and should be prepared for muddy conditions as that time of year there can be rain and snow at that elevation. (This is the only photo trip I go on I feel the need to wash my vehicle once or twice during the week.) 


With this being a unique workshop and covering all the great areas for fall color we will be strategically switching hotels a few times.The first night we will be in staying in Aspen for the initial kickoff and workshop dinner. The second night we will be in Marble, CO for our overnight stay. The rest of the workshop we will be headquartered in Ouray, CO.

What to bring with you

Most importantly equipment: Bring the best camera you have as it will work just fine. Also bring along your camera manual just in case we may need to do some trouble shooting. The following is a list of additional supporting items that will be helpful.

Battery charger and 2-3 fully charged batteries for your camera or additional batteries, plenty of formatted memory cards or film (You will be shooting for four days. Make sure you have plenty of ammo!)

Lenses: Bring your best lenses understanding that wide angle lenses are great for landscape photography (14-24mm, 16-35mm, 24-70mm or again the best lenses you have.) If you have longer lenses like 70-200mm, 70-300mm bring them along as there are great opportunities to use them as well.

Tripod: You need a strong, sturdy tripod in good working condition that can hold your camera securely. This is a must for the photography we will be doing. We will be working in low light and can not afford to have any movement shooting long exposures. Please also bring a cable release for your camera if it will take one. Refer to your camera manual to see if it is equipped for a cable release. If not your camera may also have a self timer option to assist you from touching the camera during the exposure. 

Filters and Optical supplies: We recommend that you bring along two filters for the workshop. 

Circular adjustable Polarizing filter: This is a piece of equipment you will want on your camera for this workshop. If you don't have one please make a point to get one and bring it along.

Graduated Neutral Density filter: I use and like the Lee 100mm ND.9 3 stop soft-edge graduated ND filter. It is large enough I do not need a filter holder to use on my 77mm lenses. This filter is a great addition to your equipment in shooting sunrise and sunset shots. If you have these filters we will instruct you how to use them to get the best effects.

Clean lens cloths:Bring clean cloths to make sure you are able to keep your lenses and filters clean.

Flash light or headlamp: We will be getting up early to get to locations and ending late and needing to find our way back to the car. You will need light to safely move from point to point and see what you are doing. They are also needed to make sure you secure your equipment and do not leave anything behind. A head lamp is the most user friendly as you then have both hands to work with. If you purchase a head lamp consider one that has a dim setting to save on batteries and not blind those you are with. Another option is one with a red light which is more user friendly when working in the dark with camera equipment.

Laptop computer: If you have access to a laptop please bring it along as we will be using them to download and post process your images. It will also be helpful to bring along your own card reader to use during the download process. If you do not have one don't worry as we will have some we can share. Oh also make sure you load up your favorite shots to bring and share with the group. It will be our chance to learn from each other.

What to wear: At the elevation we will be shooting, during this time of year, you need to be ready for everything. We highly recommend you wear layers from thin to very warm. As we start each morning it can be cold with wind and possibly rain and snow. Most days it will warm up in the afternoon but get cold again as the sun goes down. Think about your entire body and staying warm and dry. You will be out for several hours and staying comfortable is important. Cap to cover your ears, wool socks with comfortable water-resistant boots or shoes that support your feet. Gloves that are warm but yet allow you to do your work. Hunting or photographer gloves allowing you to expose your finger are helpful in making settings to your camera. Go ahead and bring that warm coat and a waterproof jacket with a hood as well. (Bring only what you need. Pack smart! Good rule of thumb is do not bring items you do not plan to wear two or more times. medium sized bag that is long enough for your tripod to fit into should be enough.) 

Workshop Itinerary

(This is just draft as the weather will be the true determining factor on times and locations. You are coming to have the best opportunity to get the best shots. Knowing that we will need to be flexible and work with our real guide mother nature. With the seasons changing quickly in the area we will need to be willing and able to change our agenda to ensure success and take advantage of what we get to capture each day. There are so many options we can not plan ahead.)

September 28

5:00 pm: Plan to arrive Aspen hotel and check in

6:00 pm: Meet in the hotel lobby to go to dinner

7:30 pm: Kickoff meeting and workshop to prepare for activities for the week and next day

September 29

5:30 am: Load up for sunrise shot and morning shooting in the field.

10:30 am: Load up and head for Marble, CO lunch along the way

1:00 pm: Check into hotel and get settled

2:30 pm: Meet 4 wheel excursion to head out for afternoon and evening sunset.

7:30 pm: Meet for dinner at the only place in Marble...But it is great!

8:30 pm: Evening meeting/ workshop and review plans for tomorrow

September 30

6:00 am: Load up for sunrise shot and morning shooting in the field.

11:00 am: Arrive Gunnison for lunch and tour of a couple unique businesses

12:30 pm: Continue our tour south across Owl Pass and on to Ouray, CO our home for the next few days.

3:00 pm: Check into hotel

4:00 pm: Workshop meeting and touch base  

5:00 pm: head out to shoot sunset 

7:30 pm: Return to Ridgeway for dinner

9:00 pm: Return to hotel for discussion of the day and plans for tomorrow

October 1 

5:30 am: Load up to go shoot sunrise at a very special location

9:00 am: Return to town for breakfast

10:00 am: Return to hotel for workshop and work flow and post processing 

Noon: Lunch break

2:00 pm: Load up to shoot evening gold and blue light at sunset, very special location

8:00 pm: Celebration Dinner

9:00 pm: Individual assistance if you like or free time


"Photography, Passion and Purpose. This simple phrase describes Tony's world when it comes to photography. From recommending equipment to finding that perfect shot, Tony is always thinking about what will provide the highest quality experience for those he is with. I had the good fortune to shoot the Sawtooth Mountains and surrounding area in Idaho with Tony and others. I remember him showing us the shot of an unbelievable majestic sunset. Tony put the exact same shot in front of us for our taking, what an experience. During our three day adventure, Tony provided shot after shot that were both breathtaking and exciting. His desire to make sure we had an experience we would not only capture but talk about for a lifetime was first and foremost throughout the trip. I highly recommend a photo workshop with Tony, it will be a wonderful opportunity and produce many lasting memories."

Dale Crabtree





"Tony has a passion for photography, teaching, nature and adventure! He instills those things into his students. Through his teaching he has developed a love for capturing the beauty of nature. From the basics of framing the shot to many advanced features, he's a natural teacher and has always made sure I understood how to best use my camera and equipment in any given environment. Tony Small is the reason I enjoy photography so much today." 

                                                 Josh Bledsoe

 Workshop Cost and How to Register

The price of the workshop is $1800 per person. Spouses or significant others not participating in the workshop are welcome to attend as long as they cover their costs. This price excludes travel to and from the workshop, car reservations, food, lodging and other related costs. All participants are responsible for arranging their travel, accommodations and ground transportation to and from the workshop locations.

To hold your spot prior to the workshop please pay $900 with the balance due by August 1. We have reserved rooms at the hotels and can provide additional information when you register. To register please contact Tony Small Originals at 317-709-0298 or email [email protected]. We accept checks,Visa and MasterCard . 

Cancellation policy: Please note that Tony Small Originals will provide a full refund of the workshop fee if the workshop is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Tony Small Originals will not be held responsible for travel expenses associated with any canceled workshop. These include airline tickets, hotel deposits and rental cars, etc. We suggest purchasing trip insurance.

Unfortunately we can not guarantee the weather or the maturity or peak of the foliage as mother nature is always in control. We can however ensure you the dates selected are the best possible prediction for peak color and conditions from many years of tracking. We are setting you up to be in the best possible location at prime time for a magical experience you will never forget. Book your workshop experience now by emailing [email protected] or calling 317-709-0298.

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