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New Image and exciting workshops are being planned

March 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is my first blog since taking my photography to the next level. Having done as much as possible with my passion for photography over the years I really did not know how much more could be done with time to focus on making it come to life. It has been fun developing a business plan and identifying areas to allow me to share my work and knowledge for the art of photography. As a part of my blogs I will feature work that is unique and will work for many in your home and office. The image I am sharing today is one I really like and has been a real hit recently. This is not one I had planned to take but those sometimes turn out to be the best. I was burning down the road to a location I had been wanting to shoot for some time when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye they caught my attention. Was that what I thought I saw? After some hard breaking I whipped the car around and headed back. That does not always happen but after passing on shots like this before something told me I better go back to see just what had caught my attention. Upon returning I was amazed! It really brought a smile to my face as I viewed a simple everyday setting. Mailboxes... not just mailboxes, mailboxes of all shapes and sizes, colors and ages. Even Micky Mouse was positioned to watch over the mail. They had all stood the test of time along with the weathered wooden rack they were mounted on. Each very specially customized by their owners to reflect the character of the mailbox and I am sure their owners. I am sure all have been the bearer of good news many times over the years. Please take some time to look closely at this image "The Mail is In". As you really look it over you always see something new that brings a smile to your face. If you would like your own for your home or office please let me know I can do it in several formats from loose prints to gallery wraps on canvas all the way up to putting it on metal or under acrylic. I have printed and sold it as small as 10" x 14" all the way up to 28" x 45". If you want to go larger we can make it happen.

As many of you know I have been traveling to many parts of the country photographing landscapes for years. This year I will be offering a chance for you to go along and enjoy the fun and beauty this great land has to offer. The last week of September I will be leading a workshop to an area I know and have frequented for many times in Southwest Colorado. I promise those who come along will experience some of the most beautiful scenery they have ever witnessed. With the smells of fall, unimaginable color and beauty it is sensory overload. During this time in the fall the yellow, oranges and red leaves against the crisp blue skies and rugged snow capped peaks of the San Juan Mountains is mind blowing.  I am making this workshop open to photographers of all levels from beginners to experienced professionals. Each person will be assisted to meet their needs. You will be coached in not only capturing quality images but how to download and process your images with common tips in Photoshop and Lightroom. The workshop will not require long hikes as most all locations are just a short walk to get the most impressive images. Those who would like to bring someone along just to see the beauty are also welcome. We will witness some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, learn a great deal, make new friends and have fun. Attending a workshop like this is one of the best ways to grow your art of photography. If you are wanting to become a better photographer don't buy more equipment invest in your skill development and attend this workshop. Below are some images from my trip to the San Juan Mountain during September of 2016. If you are interested in being a part of the workshop or have more questions please contact me at or call me at 317-709-0298. Additional information will soon be available on my website  at I currently have only 4 more spots open for the workshop. 


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