Driven by adventure I am always looking for the next opportunity to find the beauty this world has to offer and share it with others to enjoy. It is everywhere you look but most of the time requires you to get up early by yourself to stand in the places of most potential. For thirty years I have had a camera in hand connecting with nature and people. Most of my professional life has been teaching and developing programs for students in agriculture education. Being connected to agriculture and nature I have seen and experienced first hand how we are connected to all living things. I am planning photography adventures for all ages in the coming year. If you are interested in experiencing and photographing unbelievable landscapes continue to watch the web site for upcoming scheduled adventures.

I also love capturing weddings! They are all different and all filled with great memories and fun times. I work hard from the pre-wedding activities until the last guest leaves to document that special day. It is my goal to tell the entire story through images that can be cherished for years. If you want to remember this special day for many years to come please contact me. I am also available for family, portraits and Sr. pictures.

All the images in my landscape galleries are for sale and can be purchased on the website in most any format. If you want to purchase signed, numbered, collector series images please contact me directly.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my Photography!